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The short version
I've pulled the entire list of production credits, shooting schedules, air dates and some recurring cast info for the complete 60's The Man from UNCLE series into one giant spreadsheet. You can view and download it as a googledoc here, or download it as an excel spreadsheet with buttons to auto-sort by either broadcast or shooting order here. I can't guarantee it's completely error-free, but I've certainly done my level best. Please do let me know if you spot any errors so I can correct them. Feel free to redistribute, though I'd prefer if you linked people here or to the google doc directly, rather than passing it on in other formats, so that I can make sure any later revisions go up at the same place.

Mostly, I figure having all the info laid out in a spreadsheet like this could be a hugely useful resource to anyone out there who, for example, wants a quick guide to which of the 3 different producers involved in season 2 was responsible for which episodes, or a quick list of how many episodes were made missing David McCallum or Leo G. Carroll, or is wondering whether [event X] could possibly have been the inspiration for [episode Y], given the dates on which that was actually shot. I'd imagine it could also be useful to academics trying to make sense of the impact of the show in its own era, and the like.

Okay, but seriously, WHY? (aka, the long version)
So, one of the UNCLE-related projects I've been wasting time on lately is (or will be) an extended article about some of the lesser known female staff members to appear on the show (Sarah, Heather, Wanda, etc). This seems straightforward only until you start poking around IMDB for details, and realise just how weird and random this all got during the second season of the show, as the actress who'd played Sarah was replaced, then replaced again, and then finally brought back only now under the name of Wanda (a name which disappeared after three uses by completely different actresses back in S1), then replaced again by yet another different Wanda... and this was about the point where I gave in and made a spreadsheet listing every episode and who played which character in which one just to get my head around it all. (I also made a Venn Diagram. It's a little terrifying.)

To try and get a better handle on what was actually going on behind the scenes, I set the sheet up so episodes could be ordered by shooting date as well as by broadcast order, and added info on which producer was responsible for which episode too. Somehow, that lead to me throwing together a python script to import the exact shooting and broadcast dates directly from the credits lists on the Fans from UNCLE webpage - and because it wasn't that much more trouble, I had the script import the rest of the production credits too. Figuring that I was more or less committed by this point, I went ahead and threw in some info on the 8 films that were released during the original series as well, and a bunch of other random annotations on whatever seemed to need them. I have now spent a slightly obscene amount of time checking this thing for errors (the raw data from Fans from UNCLE, for example, had one episode being produced in the year 1995, another completing on the 32nd of June, and even the original info from Heitland's book did not match the credits on the actual episodes in a few places), and though I can't guarantee I've caught them all, at this stage opening it up to extra sets of eyes can only help.

The actual article on all the Sarah's and Wanda's and whatnot is still not quite done (I've gotten a bit ridiculously involved in tracking down interviews with the actresses and whatnot to flesh out the full picture), but the spreadsheet itself has more than grown into a major project in its own right. So here it is, do with it what you will.

Stuff covered by the spreadsheet:

  • Complete production credits for each episode
  • Shooting schedules
  • US Air dates and timeslots for each episodes, including reruns shown during the original airing of the series
  • Movie titles & release dates
  • Episodes missing one of the core cast (Napoleon, Illya, Waverly)
  • Recurring UNCLE cast (Del Floria, Lisa Rogers, Sarah, Wanda, Heather, etc)
  • Original working titles for some episodes + additional notes from the FfU site
  • Extended notes on sources and error checking stuff

Stuff not covered:

  • Complete guest cast for each episode (wasn't part of the FfU data, and no neat way of fitting every character and actor into the layout as it stands)
  • Info about The Girl from UNCLE
  • The return movie, the new movie
  • Recurring characters or actors who weren't an UNCLE staff member
  • Original broadcast dates in countries other than the US, or US reruns from after the 1960's
  • Episode summaries (these were available on the Fans from UNCLE website, but I haven't imported them)
  • Nielsen ratings (okay, honestly, I don't even know where I'd get these from, I just wish I did)
Again, please do let me know if you do find any mistakes, I can always correct them and re-upload.

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Date: 2016-08-08 06:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] laurose8.livejournal.com
Awesome! Many thanks and virtual cups of coffee.

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Date: 2016-08-10 02:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] st-crispins.livejournal.com
I have the Neilsen ratings. Busy now, but maybe I can dig around for them in my files.

Some info you're looking for is in here too:


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