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After my friend Stacy Doyle passed, I was given a set of MUNCLE vids on VHS tapes. I am trying to pin down some of the vidders. If you know the vidder under their real name, PM to me or just provide full first  name, last initial

The first set of vids  were shows at various  conventions in the 1990s

  • After All (shown at Zebracon 1999)

  • Children From The Sky (shown at Revelcon 1992)

  • The Way We Used To Be sung by Barbara Streisand (shown at Revelcon 1992)

  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight sung by The Tokens (shown at Revelcon 1992)

  • Through The Years sung by Kenny Rogers (shown at Revelcon 1994)

  • I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You sung by Elvis Presley (shown at Revelcon 1994)

This next set may be by a single vidder

  • It's Inevitable - sung by Charlie

  • Catch Us If You Can - Dave Clark Five

  • Living On The Edge - Aerosmith

  • Playing Russian Roulette With Your Mind - Van Morrison

  • Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

  • Mama Told Me (Not To Come) - Three Dog Night

This last set had the name "Gail" scribbled in the margin.

  • Together Forever - sung by Rick Astley - Vidder: Gail?

  • Left of Center - Suzanne Vega - Vidder: Gail?

  • You're No Good - male singer covering the Linda Ronstadt song - Vidder: Gail?

  • Wouldn't It Be Good - Nik Kershaw - Vidder: Gail?

  • Come Out And Play - The Offspring - Vidder: Gail?

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I've just posted another vid. Check out the main vid post on my personal LJ over here. Hope you enjoy!

Comments are welcome on my journal.
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Thanks to the wonderful Solovision Youtube channel, I know there are clips of RV and DM being presenters at the 1965 Golden Globes Awards. However, the clip I'm looking for is of them at the 1966 Golden Globes Awards, where RV supposedly held DM's hand as they walked to the podium and Andy Williams joked that they'd 'been together too long'.

Is there an online clip of this? I've searched for it on Google but to no avail.

P.S. My apologies if it seems like I'm spamming the community with posts. Chalk it up to newbie excitement? :P
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I've just completed another Man from UNCLE fanvid. Viewing, download and vid info available at my journal here.

Read and heed the vid description.


Feb. 19th, 2012 01:28 pm
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Just a quick update to let folks know that all six episodes of the final season of Hustle are up at the Raspberry World video archive.
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I've done a bit of uploading to the Raspberry World video archive throughout the day today. Some of these might still be processing, but hopefully they'll be visible soon!

Hustle (Season 8, Episode 2) - Originally broadcast 20 January 2012
O'Kennedy's Ireland - Released on DVD 6 February 2007 (Narrated by)
Starship Invasions - Originally released 14 October 1977
Skeleton Coast - Originally released 14 April 1988

Hallmark Hall of Fame: Teacher, Teacher - Originally broadcast 5 February 1969
Hallmark Hall of Fame: The File on Devlin - Originally broadcast 21 November 1969
The Big T.N.T. Show - Shot before a live audience on 29 November 1965

As ever, if there's something you'd like to see let me know and if I have it in my collection I'll move it to the front of the queue. (I'm trying to mostly avoid things that are easily available to pick up on DVD but if there's a lot of interest for a particular show or movie I'll see what I can do.)

Question: Is anyone able to download the videos from Raspberry World? We don't encourage it, but I'm just curious if has and what the quality is like as the original .flv upload files are only 320x240.
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Just posted a sort-of holiday vid.

See links and notes at my journal.
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I've done a bit of uploading to Raspberry World today. The interviews are of poor video quality, but considering their age it's just nice to be able to archive them at all.

David McCallum
Brand new NCIS publicity picture

David McCallum
  • The Mike Douglas Show (1969) - David discusses "Teacher, Teacher" and "Ten Who Dared". Guests include: James Brown.
  • The Mike Douglas Show (1976) - David discusses "California Suite" and "Dogs". Guests include: Dolly Parton.
  • Sol Madrid (1968)

Robert Vaughn
From the album "Readings from Hamlet"
  • Introduction
  • Act I, Scene II - Soliloquy
  • Act II, Scene II - Soliloquy
  • Act III, Scene I - Soliloquy / The Nunnery
  • Act III, Scene III - Soliloquy
  • Act III, Scene IV - Soliloquy
  • Act V, Scene II - The Death Scene
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I've uploaded a couple of things to the Raspberry World video and audio archive as a sort of test of my new fabulous ISP.

Just a reminder that the newest audios are at the end. Still trying to figure out how to swap that around so the newest is first as it is in the video section. I'll get it one of these days. *g*

Suggestions/comment/requests for the video, audio or image archive are always welcome. I'm swamped with projects, but it's nice to know what folks are wanting to see/hear so I can move those to the top of the pile.


THE RAY BRADBURY THEATER - "The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl" (23 January 1988). Starring Robert Vaughn and Michael Ironside.

THE DANGEROUS YEARS (1968) - An industrial documentary hosted and narrated by David McCallum.

"Illya Kuryakin Looked at Me" by The Cleaners from Venus. This is the original version of the song.
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Better late than never, yes?

Here is my response to the lovely Wedding Challenge issued by [livejournal.com profile] georgiesmith way back in July, when New York finally legalized same sex marriage. I hope y'all find the vid enjoyable. If nothing else, Frank Sinatra is always wonderful to listen to. ;)

A big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] georgiesmith and [livejournal.com profile] sparky955 for providing me with the extra source material I so desperately needed to complete this vid.

Stream it on YouTube: That's My Baby

Download from my site: New Vid.

Oops, I see we need a "vid" tag.
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Just wanted to share a new vid with y'all. Napoleon-centric and slashy.

It's on YouTube or available for download from my website.

Please go here for links and vid info.

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