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Here's a photo of Robert Vaughn & David McCallum during The A-Team episode "The Say Uncle Affair". I guess this image is from behind the scenes or David is comforting Robert.


(Thanks to a friend from FB who downloaded this pic)

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It didn't get a lot of press, but on June 5 Washington: Behind Closed Doors was released on DVD.

The cast list for this television mini-series is impressive - Cliff Robertson, Jason Robards, Stefanie Powers, Robert Vaughn, Harold Gould, Tony Bill, Andy Griffith, John Houseman, David Selby, and so many more.

Of course, cousins remember this fondly as it's the show that garnered Robert Vaughn his Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series Emmy.

Washington: Behind Closed Doors - Amazon
Washington: Behind Closed Doors - IMDB
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I went through the community's Memories recently and came across a baby photos post under 'Robert and David'. I has a sad, though, because the pictures are broken. Does anyone know where I can find them now? I'm such a sucker for baby pictures. I bet they were absolutely adorable!

And, this might be the masochistic side of me speaking, but ... I've heard that Robert Vaughn once acted in an '80s film in which he wore lingerie and was a transvestite. Does anyone have pictures/screencaps of that? *lol*

Thanks for your help!


Feb. 19th, 2012 01:28 pm
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Just a quick update to let folks know that all six episodes of the final season of Hustle are up at the Raspberry World video archive.
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Hustle creator calls time on BBC show

The cast of Hustle

The creator of BBC One con artist drama Hustle has said its newly commissioned eighth series will be the last. But writer Tony Jordan did not rule out the possibility the show, which first aired in 2004, could be revived.
"Do you allow the show to fade away or... quit while you're ahead?" he told Broadcast magazine. "You want to go out like James Dean in a fast car." A BBC spokesperson confirmed the next series of Hustle would be the last "with the current gang". But the corporation said it was "in discussions" about the programme's "continued life".

The seventh series of Hustle, screened earlier this year, attracted an average audience of 6.3m viewers.

The show, which stars Adrian Lester and Robert Vaughn, is made for the BBC by independent production company Kudos. Screenwriter Jordan acted as the lead storyliner on EastEnders for several years, and co-created time-travelling police drama Life on Mars.

Here is the link to the actual article.
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if people already know about this one sorry for the double post. but...


the On Screen & Beyond podcast interviews Robert Vaughn about his early life and career.
It drags a little at first with all the advertisements, but the wait is worth it.

The part about his mom is adorable "Bobby you're an actor now"
and at just over a half an hour he talks about an uncredited roll in The Ten Commandments
where he was sprayed down and made to wear a loin cloth... (how awful ;P)
i'm still listening to it now (it's about an hour) but i would say check it out! it's free to download!
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Hello everyone!

Just to let you know, Robert Vaughn will be on the television in the UK tomorrow (1st April) on the ITV panel show "Loose Women" (*g*)

The show is basically 4 women talking about everyday life, what gets on their nerves, issues in the news and general chitchat. It can be quite funny at times and they do usually have excellent guests on the show. If you want to check out their website, it's here.

It's on ITV1at 12:30UK time and lasts an hour. I don't know when he'll be on unfortunately, but be sure and check it out, you never know what they might ask him - they are usually quite forward with their questioning :-)

I have cross posted this onto my LJ and [livejournal.com profile] network_command too for the RV fans there.


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Well, I know it's better late than never as they say, so here's the official (sort of) mission report of the Piccadilly Vaughn Affair, when Shovewood, sister of [livejournal.com profile] bluemeanybeany and I went into London and to Waterstones to meet Robert Vaughn. Since this will be a picture heavy post, I'll put the rest under the cut, so for those who are interested, they can click on it.

Onward and Eastward )
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Just in case anyone would like to know. Pilfered directly from Waterstone's website (here)...

Robert Vaughn
Robert Vaughn: A Fortunate Life - An Autobiography

Thursday, 26 February 2009, 12:30PM

The star of 'Hustle' and 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' will be signing copies of his autobiography 'Robert Vaughn: A Fortunate Life'. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Access to the queue is on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Further details: 020 7851 2400

I'd say 'see you there' but a 5 hour train ride is a wee bit far. I'm not sure I'd know what to say in any case! Good read though. Quite the inspiring chap. I love his little wanderings off into philosophy. Have fun if you go!
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Just in case anyone missed this - RV was on Little Britain USA last week. He's only in one sketch and it's a little gross to be frank! The entire episode can be viewed for five more days still on BBC iPlayer: HERE. RV's scene starts at 17:43...

No doubt it will appear on youtube at some point...

Edit: The iPlayer isn't available outside of the UK.

Episode 5


Actor  David Walliams
Actor  Matt Lucas
Voice of Little Britain  Tom Baker
American President  Harry Lennix
Guest star  Robert Vaughn
Guest star  Davenia McFadden
Producer  Stephanie Lang

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At long last, Robert's autobiography, A Fortunate Life, has its official release date tomorrow. Congrats, Robert!

If you're in the Connecticut area, his next book signing is:
Thursday, Oct 16 at 7:00 PM EST
Borders Book Shop & Cafe
1041 High Ridge Rd
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 968-9700

To celebrate the release of Robert's memoirs, tomorrow is RV Day! Post anything and everything Robert -- fan art, tell your favorite Robert story, post pictures, video clips, fiction or images from any of RV's movies or TV appearances, icons -- whatever strikes you. October 14 is all about the RV Love.
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In a snippet from RV's upcoming autobiography, we learn he convinced Jack Nicholson to keep his day job. The write-up is pasted below, and can be found on IMDB's site here.

28 July 2008

Man From U.N.C.L.E Persuaded Nicholson Not To Quit

Jack Nicholson almost turned his back on an acting career during his youth after suffering a loss of confidence, according to his pal Robert Vaughn. The Shining actor became so frustrated while rehearsing scenes with Vaughn in a mid-1950s acting class, he considered embarking on a different career path. But, in his upcoming memoir, A Fortunate Life, Vaughn reveals he managed to persuade Nicholson to change his mind. Vaughn writes, "He declared, `Vaughnie, I'm going to give myself two more years in this business. Then I'm going to look for another way to make a living.' "'Hang in there, Jack, ' I told him. 'You're too young to quit.'" Nicholson took the advice, finally "figured out how to do this thing called acting", and shot to fame in 1969's Easy Rider.

I can just see them sitting together, drinks in hand, and hear Jack Nicholson gruffly drawling out "Vaughnie." I'd pay to hear that.
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Solo behind the Iron Curtain is a BBC radio play performed on Nov 5 2007, a thriller based on Robert Vaughn's recollections of the Soviet incursion into Czechoslovakia in the late 1960s while filming the WWII movie Bridge at Remagen. Here's the info posted on the BBC Radio 4 site.

Solo Behind the Iron Curtain
Tracy Spottiswoode's thriller is based on real events in 1968.
Actor Robert Vaughn, famous at the time as TV spy Napoleon Solo, is making a movie in Prague with several other Hollywood stars. Filming stops abruptly, however, when Russian tanks roll into Czechoslovakia. Cast and crew find themselves trapped. The Man from UNCLE must find a way to escape, and quickly.

Robert Vaughn ...... Himself
Pepsi ...... Vesna Stanojevic
George Segal ...... Robert Glenister
Ben Gazzara ...... John Guerrasio
Bradford Dillman ...... Richard Laing
David Wolper ...... Garrick Hagon
Honzo ...... Robert Luckay
Sadovsky ...... Rad Lazar

Director Kate McAll.

A streaming audio of the play is available at the BBC site for a week after the broadcast. I've downloaded the entire file and reuploaded it here (14Mb RealAudio): http://www.savefile.com/files/1176797

Like FLV, RealAudio was originally designed to be a streaming format, so you may not be able to play it with your current media player. If so, go grab Real Alternative for Windows, a rejigged version of Media Player Classic that allows you to play RA files. Here's a positive review. (I've been told that Mac users have RealPlayer already installed - if not, try VideoLan?)
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This one hung on my closet door when I was a teenager:

Read more... )

And this one hangs in my office today (thanks to CC for scanning it to a reasonable size ---it's a pretty large poster)

Read more... )
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Happy Birthday, Robert Vaughn! And many, many more. I hope 74 is fabulous.

To celebrate Robert's birthday, let's have a week of RV photo sharing, shall we? Post your favorite Robert and/or Napoleon pictures.

Please use an lj-cut, especially if the images are large.

Happy Birthday! )
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Issue #351 of Starlog magazine has a six-page interview with Robert. Starlog is posting the interview in parts at their website: The Hired Gun Affair, part 1, and pasted below. It looks as though Starlog is posting the interview just one page at a time, so it will take several visits back to read the entire thing. Or a trip to Borders in which you plop yourself down with the magazine in one of the comfy chairs and enjoy. ;)

The Hired Gun Affair )

The interview includes some great photos, not the usual stock images that are often included with RV interviews. There's a picture of RV from Hustle on the second page of the interview in which he's wearing my favorite outfit -- the one with the scarf that looks so very Dr. Who. If anyone is able to scan and share that image, I would be ever so grateful.


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