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A joint post from [livejournal.com profile] azdak and [livejournal.com profile] elmey :

Everyone who volunteered to help put together the MFU [livejournal.com profile] crack_van Rec bookmark list on delicious came through like troopers, and thanks to all of you, the oldest media fandom is now among the most up-to-date! Take a look:


We'd like to ask the admins of the various UNCLE comms to add the link to their sidebars to make the list as easily accessible and as useful to the greater UNCLE community as possible. And if you'd like to add it to the link list of your personal lj please do so. (If anyone is active on the Yahoo lists, please let them know about it too.)

Play around with the list a bit, it's fun! Arrange the titles in alphabetical order via the menu on the top right hand of the bookmark list; the tags on the far right of the page are in alphabetical order as well. You can sort by gen or slash, subdivide by crossover or author, find videos or even a couple of pieces of fanart.


For the time being, aside from the author tags, the categories are quite broad, partially to help newcomers on delicious find the list. We've had suggestions for more fine-grained search tags such as AU, h/c, romance and so on. The list is a community resource, and we want it to be as useful as possible. We're planning a periodic "tag week" where people can make suggestions for new categories and we'll open the data base so that they can be put into place. Let's give the new list three months to settle in, then we'll have our first "tag week" and see what categories people want to add.

We've fixed as many broken links as we could, usually by adding the new link to the [livejournal.com profile] crack_van comments with a notation on the delicious bookmark. If anyone has any suggestions regarding the broken links that are left, they'd be greatly appreciated.

Updating and Maintenance

[livejournal.com profile] elmey has volunteered to update the list with the new [livejournal.com profile] crack_van recs as they come up, at least through the end of this year. If anyone else is interested in helping with the updates, please mention it in the comments or PM her, the more the merrier, and we can arrange a rotating schedule.

Finally, if there are questions or problems that come up, a post on [livejournal.com profile] muncle or [livejournal.com profile] network_command will get a response.

Thanks again, who'd have thought we'd get this list ready in one week. Everybody's been just great!
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I recently went through and compiled a list of all The Man From U.N.C.L.E. stories and vids that have been recced over on Crack Van. [livejournal.com profile] azdak suggested that I post the list so that anyone could have easy access to it if they were also interested in having a spin in the van themselves or just looking for something good to read.

This isn't anything fancy, just a list by month of all the recommendations (including the author and story rating) and that month's driver. Please excuse any mistakes. This was just a quick and dirty list for, well quick and usually dirty reference.

As I was compiling the list, I found a lot of superb stuff to read. There's a reason these particular stories and videos are recommended folks. No reason for you to be bored this winter, that's for sure.


Click to see the list )
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This is a shout out to the American cousins, asking that you join me in what I hope will become an annual event. The Thank-a-thon, where people send those LoCs they meant to send, and just didn't. And, to make this a bit more sociable, go ahead and provide recommendations so we can read and then Letter of Comment ourselves.

I'll be doing this in various fandoms, so drop by my lj for leaving non-Man From U.N.C.L.E recs. I'll be a little quiet until Thanksgiving itself.

Have fun and be safe!
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[livejournal.com profile] crack_van has hundreds of MFU recs - literally! For anyone interested in seeing what's been rec'd so far, the entire list can be found here.

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] st_crispins for the catch on the link!

Fic rec

Mar. 7th, 2007 09:04 am
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This is only peripherally related to MFU- but I thought it wouldn't hurt to share it here, especially since the author is promising an MFU crossover as well.

[livejournal.com profile] jadesfire2808 has written a short, well-characterized Torchwood/Sapphire & Steel crossover. You can find it on her LJ here.
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