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Dec. 10th, 2012 11:58 am
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I wanted to apologize for falling off the edge of the world. Details/groveling will be at my personal LJ today (hopefully) , personal notes will (hopefully) be going out later today as well.

Until then I wanted to share a little thing I made. It's a heavily Photoshopped cap of mine from "The Pop Art Affair" that's not utterly awful. The subject matter alone makes it so.

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I went through the community's Memories recently and came across a baby photos post under 'Robert and David'. I has a sad, though, because the pictures are broken. Does anyone know where I can find them now? I'm such a sucker for baby pictures. I bet they were absolutely adorable!

And, this might be the masochistic side of me speaking, but ... I've heard that Robert Vaughn once acted in an '80s film in which he wore lingerie and was a transvestite. Does anyone have pictures/screencaps of that? *lol*

Thanks for your help!
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This is a Halloween story, although not the one for the Halloween Challenge over at MFU Scrapbook. The story owes its inspiration to the beautiful photo below, to the mood of the cinematography in Violent Playground and to the people that dwell up in the steeple.

Rating: PG-13
Length: ~1K
Genre: Slash
Disclaimer: I don't own Violent Playground or the works of Poe and no money is being made.
Author's note: This could be described as an AU cross-over between VP and the last verse of The Bells.


He never did like orders. Not from anyone. Didn’t like to follow. Didn’t want to lead. Not them anyway.

The Bells )
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"What are you doing there, tovarisch?"
Illya pushed his glasses farther up on his nose and looked at his partner.  Why was Napoleon wearing glasses?
"Why are you wearing those?"
Napoleon preened for a minute, letting his friend take in the image.  He looked good in glasses, as he did everything else.
"I am wearing these for Cosmos.  It's her birthday, you know."
There was an unwarranted smugness in his tone of voice.  Illya smirked in response.
"I know that, blockhead.  I am writing her a card...from me.  And her name is Cosmosmariner.   So typical of you to cut it short."
Napoleon took a step backwards, only slightly affronted and entirely unscathed.
"Illya, I know what her name is.  Cosmos is an endearment, you see.  Something you might want to work at expressing.
Illya bent his head to the task, ignoring his partner and setting himself to expressing just how endearing he found Cosmosmariner to me.
"So, what are you writing...exactly?"
Napoleon was a thoughtful man, but buying birthday cards was something he usually left to the secretaries.  Darn Illya for getting one first.
"I shall let you read it when I am completely finished.  You should have thought of this earlier."
Napoleon was not to be left out of this.  He would simply snatch the card away from his little Russian fiend..friend... and sign his own name.  Cosmos wouldn't want one without the other.  And, he did have on glasses today, just for her.
"Fine.  Just write your card and I'll read it when you're finished."
As it happened, Mr. Waverly summoned them before the card was finished, and it lay on the desk waiting for their return.  Pictures were taken, however, and Cosmosmariner was able to tuck those away with the happy realization that, when it comes to birthdays and spies, four eyes are better than none.

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Pauley Perrette just posted this picture on Twitter and, of course, it needed to be shared!

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They appeared to her in a dream, a visage so bright and full of love and hope that the words came to her on soft currents of dewey delight...
Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] aneuhaus
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  They are close... Some pics for you. Hope you'll like them...

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*waves* Hopefully this is okay to post here. :)

The image links to the post in my journal  - in the midst of reorganizing all my screen capture galleries and I don't want to forget to change the link here later on (and I so would). No credit required but if anyone decides to make something with them I'd love to see it. :)
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Hello! *waves*

My previous post was a little abrupt, but I was so annoyed to find the video I was going to offer as a gift became corrupted. The Corrupted Affiar, I think, a harrowing plan from THRUSH. xD

But...you know what? IT WORKS NOW! Argh! I'm so happy for that. Reuploaded to youtube, and a download link will be added shortly.

And before the cut, I'd like to thank all that helped me. Such prompt people, and a special mention to [profile] bluemeanybeanyand [personal profile] vysilawho helped with the technical problems. It was a codec flail, in the end (not quite wmm for once).

( Thus, the fake cut delivered the Picspam and Video... )
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Hi everyone!

As you know, Flora has been in Russia on holiday. She has posted photos in her lj!

Here's one of her photos I have manipulated. Or, what is the truth anyway ;-)



lllya and Napoleon visit Moscow )

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