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There's a delightful little video interview with Henry Cavill over on the Our Men from U.N.C.L.E. tumblr and toward the end of the interview, Cavill mentions the humor in the script. He refers to it as 'dry', not slapstick. Cavill also seems to understand the veneer of charm that Napoleon wears like a suit of armor. That sounds promising to me. There was also a reference to Armie Hammer 'understanding sarcasm', which also sounds very promising.

Our Men From U.N.C.L.E.

So far, I have good vibes about the film. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.
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if people already know about this one sorry for the double post. but...


the On Screen & Beyond podcast interviews Robert Vaughn about his early life and career.
It drags a little at first with all the advertisements, but the wait is worth it.

The part about his mom is adorable "Bobby you're an actor now"
and at just over a half an hour he talks about an uncredited roll in The Ten Commandments
where he was sprayed down and made to wear a loin cloth... (how awful ;P)
i'm still listening to it now (it's about an hour) but i would say check it out! it's free to download!
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In a snippet from RV's upcoming autobiography, we learn he convinced Jack Nicholson to keep his day job. The write-up is pasted below, and can be found on IMDB's site here.

28 July 2008

Man From U.N.C.L.E Persuaded Nicholson Not To Quit

Jack Nicholson almost turned his back on an acting career during his youth after suffering a loss of confidence, according to his pal Robert Vaughn. The Shining actor became so frustrated while rehearsing scenes with Vaughn in a mid-1950s acting class, he considered embarking on a different career path. But, in his upcoming memoir, A Fortunate Life, Vaughn reveals he managed to persuade Nicholson to change his mind. Vaughn writes, "He declared, `Vaughnie, I'm going to give myself two more years in this business. Then I'm going to look for another way to make a living.' "'Hang in there, Jack, ' I told him. 'You're too young to quit.'" Nicholson took the advice, finally "figured out how to do this thing called acting", and shot to fame in 1969's Easy Rider.

I can just see them sitting together, drinks in hand, and hear Jack Nicholson gruffly drawling out "Vaughnie." I'd pay to hear that.
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Issue #351 of Starlog magazine has a six-page interview with Robert. Starlog is posting the interview in parts at their website: The Hired Gun Affair, part 1, and pasted below. It looks as though Starlog is posting the interview just one page at a time, so it will take several visits back to read the entire thing. Or a trip to Borders in which you plop yourself down with the magazine in one of the comfy chairs and enjoy. ;)

The Hired Gun Affair )

The interview includes some great photos, not the usual stock images that are often included with RV interviews. There's a picture of RV from Hustle on the second page of the interview in which he's wearing my favorite outfit -- the one with the scarf that looks so very Dr. Who. If anyone is able to scan and share that image, I would be ever so grateful.
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