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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl at Exploring The Men from UNCLE
I posted these photo collages as prompts for our next PicFic, but they might also be of interest as a point of conversation.  The two men are very different, and yet their ability to work as a unit makes them the best in all of UNCLE.  How, why and what?
Perhaps you have answers to all the questions we might ask concerning these two.

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Fic: Newton's 3rd
Fandom: Man from UNCLE (2015/Reboot Movie)
Author: Orockthro
Word Count: 2,100
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Gaby/Illya/Napoleon / Gen
He wakes trapped under his wrecked bike. The ripped-off exhaust has seared into his calf, and he can smell burning flesh, and it is that smell, not the rain on his face or the sound of Gaby’s harsh, frantic cries, that brings him into full awareness.

(Or, a fill for the KinkMeme set during the movie, in which a crashed motorcycle has consequences that Gaby, Napoleon, and Illya all feel)
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Fic: The Bet
Fandom: Man from UNCLE (2015/Reboot Movie)
Author: Orockthro
Word Count: 2,000
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Gaby/Illya/Napoleon
She looks just as relaxed and at home on 34th street in a cream and orange scalloped dress as she did under a German car, and damn, if it isn’t an enjoyable sight. Right up until she says, “So you were thrown out of one club. So what? That is nothing.”
He stares at Gaby, incredulous, for a long moment. “You’re a car mechanic from East Berlin. Just how many clubs have you been to?”

(Or, on their first night in New York City working for UNCLE, Gaby issues a challenge to Napoleon. Napoleon, with some help, accepts.)

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Title: Waging World Peace

Author: Alex51324

Length: ~32,000 words

Pairing:  NS/IK

Rating:  Teen and up


"There is something you should know before making a final decision.”

“I’m already aware he’s Russian, sir,” Napoleon said. “And he’s still on good terms with them, so he must at least technically be a Communist.”

Waverly brushed that aside. “All of the Russian agents are. Kuryakin, however, is also an admitted homosexual."

Notes:  First chapter was previously posted under the working title, "Illya Kuryakin, Known Homosexual."  The story is now complete.

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Title: For Every Good Reason (link goes to AO3)
Author: Orockthro
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Word Count: 7,800
/Illya dreams of fire. Of smoke, of saltwater rising and locking his legs into quicksand, of Napoleon’s mouth over his as they bob in the water, breathing life into him./

“You’re supposed to be the strong swimmer,” the shadow said from above. The image swam as he blinked his eyes clear of stinging saltwater until, finally, the edges narrowed and refined, and he was left with Napoleon’s face staring down at him, pale against the blue sky.

(Or, trapped on an island after a mission gone sour, Illya must reconcile his broken memory and what Napoleon tells him of past events, putting their partnership and trust on the line.)

Tags: Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo, Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin, Desert Island Fic, Amnesia, Hurt/Comfort

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Wrote a ditty! It's a robot AU. Because.

Unit I, Series LYA: Press to Activate (Link goes to AO3)

Word Count: 3,600

Tags: Illya Kuryakin, Napoleon Solo, Alternate Universe - Robots & Androids

Summary: “Look, can I call you something else? Unit I, Series LYA doesn’t exactly, ah, roll off the tongue.”

Blue eyes stare at him dispassionately. It’s horrifying how human he looks. Probably because he was, once. Those blue eyes belonged to some poor brain-dead potato farmer, or a mortally wounded KGB officer, before he became… this… instead. Whatever this is. He’s seen what’s between those eyes now. It’s metal and flesh and wires and fluid that looks like engine oil but smells like blood, and Napoleon doesn’t want to see it again.

“A common Soviet name is Illya. If it makes you more comfortable, and will increase our success in the field, you may call me that.”

(Or, the Soviets have made a leap in technology, and Napoleon is assigned a new partner. Just not one he was expecting.)

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Finally got around to finishing a fic! Not an involved one, but nonetheless, a fic. Link goes to AO3. :) It's not explicily slashy, but hopefully it's still alright to post it here. If not, just gimi a shout.

Which the Frost Had Made Between

Words: 4,427

Summary: Napoleon peels his eyes open and cranes his neck up off the floor. Laying atop him, curled up like a cat, is a blond man. Both their arms are folded up and tucked together between their chests, presumably for warmth, and the offending poke at his collarbone is none other than the man’s chin nestling at the crook of his neck.
“Oh. You’re not dead,” the warm weight says. “That’s good.” The words, muffled but surprisingly forceful, rattle against his shoulder.
(Or, Illya and Napoleon meet as two very young men in a very cold prison.)

Tags: Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin, Hypothermia, First Meetings, Pre-Series, Gen or Pre-Slash
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For those who have read Third (and can still remember it from its Easter Egg 2010 beginnings), this describes how Illya, Daria (Dasha), Alexandra (Sasha), Kyrill and Pavel met one another.

This extended flashback is set far from New York, before Illya joined UNCLE.

Feedback would be most appreciated.

Title: Third - Leitmotifs
Author: saki101
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Pairing: Illya/Napoleon (overall), Illya/various (this section)
Genre: Pre-slash and het
Rating: R
Word Count: ~8K
Disclaimer: The usual, because MFU is not mine and no money is being made.

Excerpt: The sea faded away. The towns and the fields drifted past. The train seemed to stop at every station from the Baltic to Tbilisi and yet arrived before the mechanism could reset. Illya’s gait rolled when he crossed the platform. He heard the waves when the wind blew through the trees leading up to the university. The shouts of reunited classmates were cries amidst the waves. His bed lay too still for him to sleep at night.

Third - Leitmotifs
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Title: Snow Dancing
Author: not2bscene
WARNING: SLASH, m/m. Please don't read if that disturbs you
Rated: R 
Pairing: ik/ns
Summary: The boys enjoy a non-work get away of winter warmth
Author's note: This is a re-write/re-charactered fic I wrote several years ago. I hope you like it. 
Thank you spikesgirl58 for the beta work and encouragement. Any remaining errors are mine.
Cross-posted to a few sites.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody.

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Hounded from U.N.C.L.E. HQ by the nefarious forces of DUCK, the two intrepid agents flee through familiar countryside. Yes indeedy, Ladies and Gentlemen togsos lj in association with muncle, network command and mfu_canteen present Act V.

Disclaimer : Please note that togsos lj in no way endorses high speed pursuits of harried chibis, indeed this journal would like to go so far as to offer that baiting with food is a much more effective way of catching the little blonde one, as for the brunet, well ladies, if you really need to ask, then you are not up to the task!

This one is in memory of the very special chibi, all red setter ears, pink tutu and ducky hat abound,

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U.N.C.LE. HQ is compromised,the ACTION, the ANGST, the DRAMA, the TINFOIL HATS!!!!  Yes indeedy, Ladies and Gentlemen togsos lj in association with muncle, network command and mfu_canteen present act iv  ... Wherein the agents are ruthlessly pursued by the evil forces of DUCK.

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THE KINDA FILLER BIT or as we like to call it NECESSARY EXPOSITION!!!!  Yes indeedy, Ladies and Gentlemen togsos lj in association with muncle, network command and mfu_canteen present act iii  ... Wherein the producers decided to spend all their money on a BIG budget EXPLOSION near the end and in the tradition of Bruckheimer and Mann decided not to be too bothered about plot but do feel kinda bad about your dash spammage.

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I picked up a couple of 60's magazines at the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend and I found this on the letters page. It made me laugh, anyway.

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THE AWAKENING!!!! Bwaaaaahaaaha *cough cough*. Yes indeedy, Ladies and Gentlemen togsos lj in association with muncle, network command and mfu_canteen present act ii  ... U.N.C.L.E. headquarters is breached, widespread terror ensues, well more mild puzzlement but you know, thats not really so gripping as a description, so we will go with TERROR!!!!!!!!!! oh and spamming again :D

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"Illya, are you all right tovarisch?"
Napoleon had been looking for his partner in all the wrong places it seemed.  Finding him sprawled across the back seat of the blue convertible with a far away look on his face caused him to wonder what had gotten into the blond.  
The blue eyes were riveted on something in the distance, and Illya's expression was...dreamy.  Napoleon was disturbed by it.
"Illya, what are you looking at?  And why are you looking at whatever it is you're ... Illya?"
Illya finally blinked, then turned his head towards Napoleon and smiled a serene and slightly goofy grin.  If he didn't know better...
"I can fly, Napoleon.  It is the most extraordinary thing.  I can actually fly."

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Title: Up On The Roof
Author: glennagirl
Genre: You Choose


When this old world starts getting me down,
And people are just too much for me to face—
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space ...


Napoleon Solo had been on every floor of UNCLE HQ trying to find his missing partner. If Illya were still in the New York offices, the number two man in charge didn't have a clue where.

"Hi there Napoleon. Um… Happy Thanksgiving."

Mandy was finishing her shift in Translations, and the sight of Napoleon wandering through the door was a little puzzling. She didn't have anything in the queue with his name on it. Everyone was starting to scurry around and get a head start on the Holiday weekend; at least those who were lucky enough to get more than one day off.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Mandy. Say, have you seen Illya down here? I seem to have lost track of my wandering partner."

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"What are you doing there, tovarisch?"
Illya pushed his glasses farther up on his nose and looked at his partner.  Why was Napoleon wearing glasses?
"Why are you wearing those?"
Napoleon preened for a minute, letting his friend take in the image.  He looked good in glasses, as he did everything else.
"I am wearing these for Cosmos.  It's her birthday, you know."
There was an unwarranted smugness in his tone of voice.  Illya smirked in response.
"I know that, blockhead.  I am writing her a card...from me.  And her name is Cosmosmariner.   So typical of you to cut it short."
Napoleon took a step backwards, only slightly affronted and entirely unscathed.
"Illya, I know what her name is.  Cosmos is an endearment, you see.  Something you might want to work at expressing.
Illya bent his head to the task, ignoring his partner and setting himself to expressing just how endearing he found Cosmosmariner to me.
"So, what are you writing...exactly?"
Napoleon was a thoughtful man, but buying birthday cards was something he usually left to the secretaries.  Darn Illya for getting one first.
"I shall let you read it when I am completely finished.  You should have thought of this earlier."
Napoleon was not to be left out of this.  He would simply snatch the card away from his little Russian fiend..friend... and sign his own name.  Cosmos wouldn't want one without the other.  And, he did have on glasses today, just for her.
"Fine.  Just write your card and I'll read it when you're finished."
As it happened, Mr. Waverly summoned them before the card was finished, and it lay on the desk waiting for their return.  Pictures were taken, however, and Cosmosmariner was able to tuck those away with the happy realization that, when it comes to birthdays and spies, four eyes are better than none.

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This story has been at complete stalemate for so long that I had almost given it up but a few requests from patient readers (mostly from FFnet) have decided me to post this part of the (still unfinished) third chapter. Very probably no one will remember the plot or the characters but it may help me to go back on tracks. The main reason of my failure was an overload of original characters with irrelevant back stories, especially an annoying, though cherished, black superwoman who was slowly and disturbingly turning into a kind of Mary Sue (though I'm not black and have strictly nothing in common with her). I got rid of her with tears in my eyes, pruned the others' parts and came back to Napoleon and Illya at last (not in their best impersonations at the moment).

Fandom: Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Title: Epiphany, Chapter Three, Part One
Author: Francis Kerst (franciskerst on LJ)
Pairing: Napoleon & Illya
Rating: for all (PG 13?)
Summary: Illya and Napoleon's son have been abducted after a mission in Uruguay had turned into a total failure for U.N.C.L.E.

Epiphany, Chapter Three

“I told you they were after me; you didn’t believe me when I told you so!” Hartmann sounded exasperated, visibly on edge, without any of the aristocratic aloofness he usually displayed.

Eventually rescued and brought back home in the Jeep of a local U.N.C.L.E. correspondent, they were now all reunited in the spacious sojourn of the Morrisons, amid the scattered remains of the party. The children's previous frolics had made the place a joyful mess, which now had nothing joyful any more. Several calls to and from the U.N.C.L.E.'s HQ , separated by long minutes in waiting, had permitted to clarify some important points

First, the kidnapping attempt directed at Miguel was quite real; it had been witnessed by passers-by, whose intervention had allowed the boy to escape. Mr Waverly had some idea of the perpetrators' identity. Two Brazilian businessmen of German origin, with big investments in the drug industry, had attended the medical symposium organised by U.N.C.L.E. about the epidemics and had left the place before the end, just after the second speech of the Uruguayan scientist. Further investigations had discovered they were among the former associates of Hartmann. It appeared they had taken the same train he was in and had followed him all the way in a rented car down to the accident’s place.

“I knew that!” Hartmann exclaimed triumphantly, “I was certain they wouldn’t take my refusal quietly.”

“Which refusal?” Solo asked abruptly.Read more... )

Links of the previous chapters:



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