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I've got a bunch of David McCallum & Robert Vaughn's listed for sale over at my LJ. There are an additional 27 new titles from the last round.

You can find the list with further information here.
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I've got a bunch of David McCallum and Robert Vaughn DVD's for sale to help me cover my rent.

More information can be found in my LJ here.

Thanks for your time!

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It didn't get a lot of press, but on June 5 Washington: Behind Closed Doors was released on DVD.

The cast list for this television mini-series is impressive - Cliff Robertson, Jason Robards, Stefanie Powers, Robert Vaughn, Harold Gould, Tony Bill, Andy Griffith, John Houseman, David Selby, and so many more.

Of course, cousins remember this fondly as it's the show that garnered Robert Vaughn his Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series Emmy.

Washington: Behind Closed Doors - Amazon
Washington: Behind Closed Doors - IMDB
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I've got a bunch of McCallum and Vaughn DVD's for sale. The list is up over at my LJ.


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I'd put this on my LJ and I thought that it might be of interest to cousins at large.

Warner Bros. is releasing a five movie George Sanders as The Saint DVD set from their homemade unit through the WB Archive. That means it won't be in regular stores; they only make them as people order them. I believe that all the WB Archive titles are Region 1 and I'm not sure if they accept orders from non-US customers. If you really want something from them, it can be arranged, however. *g*

There are a couple of Robert Vaughn movies that you can only get through the WB Archive  - The Mind of Mr. Soames and No Time to Be Young.

On July 19th Robbery Under Arms is being released on Region 1 DVD. (If you don't like Amazon, it's also on sale, and slightly cheaper, at Movies Unlimited.)

It appears as though Powell & Pressburger's Ill Met By Moonlight is finally getting a Region 1 DVD release. It'll be out August 16. (Again, it's cheaper at Movies Unlimited than Amazon.) In case you didn't know, the movie marks David McCallum's debut. He's not in it a lot, but he does get a line or two; the film is completely worth it for Dirk Bogarde's performance. Such a good movie and well worth picking up. (It's been out on Region 2 DVD for ages.)

After being out-of-print for a number of years, Battle Beyond the Stars is again being released on DVD; it'll be out July 12. AND it's being released on Blu-Ray the same day. Why? I have no idea. However, I completely understand releasing The Magnificent Seven on Blu-Ray. That will be out August 3.

If I've missed something that's coming soon or has just been released please let me know. Even though I can't afford to get them myself, it's nice to know what's out there!
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Hey there. I just wanted to let folks know that I've uploaded The Screaming Skull to the video archive at Raspberry World. (In case you've never visited my site, you'll have to let it buffer a bit I'm afraid but it'll play.)

It's a made-for-television movie starring David that runs about 65 minutes and is available on DVD if you want a copy of your own. I got mine at Movies Unlimited but I just found that it's $2.00 cheaper through Sinister Cinema, who are the actual distributor of the DVD. (They also offer it on VHS.)

From the Sinister Cinema catalog: Whitfield Connor, David McCallum, Vincent Gardenia, Sarah Cunningham. A strange doctor (McCallum) conduct experiments in his basement at his wealthy wife's expense. She loathes him because he allowed their son to die. After using too much drugs and alcohol he has delusions during which he sees an evil skull. Is it all a drug-induced vision of horror…or is it real? Some pretty creepy scenes. This made-for-TV rarity was originally shot on videotape. However, the 16mm syndication prints appear to have been struck in B&W, which was odd for the time. They also appear to be video-to-film kinescope prints. B&W, 16mm.
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I posted this in my LJ but knew that the good word had to be spread! Just got a heads up from a friend that Colditz, the 1972-74 WWII series in which David McCallum starred, is being released on Region 2 DVD on November 15, 2010.  Not all of these online retailers ship outside of the UK but I thought I'd list a few since the prices are all different.

BBC Shop - £34.99

Play.com - £37.99

Amazon.co.uk - £38.99

Zavvi.com - £49.99

I'm sure HMV will stock it, but they didn't have it in their online catalog when I checked just now.


- £38.99

They all list different RRPs (retail price) so it could be that the prices will change as it gets closer to the release date.
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The Man from UNCLE season set is amazon.com's deal of the day today. Yes, the great set with the briefcase, the extras, the whole kaboodle.

For $85.49 you can have NS and IK in your living room (or bedroom) every single day. At your disposal. Mmmmmm, nice.


Oct. 21st, 2008 11:23 pm
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I know there are lots of us waiting anxiously for our delivery of MFU DVDs after their mass release on Tuesday. Is anyone else standing ready to tackle their postal delivery person every day while waiting for their UNCLE DVDs? Checking their "Track this delivery" link from amazon several times throughout the day?

And the worst torture of all: deciding which episode to watch first. What will yours be and why?

If you ordered your DVDs through Time-Life, what was the first episode you watched and why?
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On the eve of the MFU DVD release, here's a little something to keep you preoccupied while you wait for the mailman to arrive on Tuesday. Passed on with thanks from Wes.

On Monday, Oct. 20, the online radio show, "DVD Geeks" will hold a special spy show that will feature Dr. Wes Britton talking about the award-winning box set of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. In addition, two reviews will discuss the new 3 DVD set of the Daniel Craig Casino Royale as well as thoughts on the 1967 comic CR.

"DVD Geeks" is broadcast over www.fearlessradio.com on Monday nights at 7pm Central. After the live show, the podcast version is posted to their site- http://www.dvdgeeks.tv and iTunes within a couple of days. According to producer John Champion:

The focus of the show is DVDs - we are, after all, "DVD Geeks." We spend the majority of he show going over new releases and then the last part going over personal "geek picks" from our hosts' personal libraries.

(Thanks to Jon Heitland for setting this up.)

At last!

Jun. 28th, 2008 04:11 pm
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Good news for fellow fans who have been locked out of owning the series because of the cost at the Time/Life site: Not only are all four seasons of MFU available for pre-order from amazon, but the entire series is now only $139.99, including shipping. The series will ship on October 21st of this year.

Check it out!

No details on amazon to ensure that all the spiffy extras in the image there are included, but to own the entire series for more than $100 off the Time/Life price is a truly excellent deal.
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