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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl at Exploring The Men from UNCLE
I posted these photo collages as prompts for our next PicFic, but they might also be of interest as a point of conversation.  The two men are very different, and yet their ability to work as a unit makes them the best in all of UNCLE.  How, why and what?
Perhaps you have answers to all the questions we might ask concerning these two.

larger pictures... )
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One of the nice things about having all the scripts in text format is that it makes it very easy to throw together a few lines of code to search through them all at once for particular word, or to trace down the origin of particular quotes. To wit: I ran into an interesting discussion on the Section VII LJ comm from a while back about catch phrases that turn up in fic, and which ones actually came from the canon – nicknames mostly, like 'tovarich' or 'partner mine'. Though they were able to source a few, others they weren't too sure about. So out of curiosity, I ran a search through the scripts for some of the things I've seen come up in fic, and came up with some interesting results – particularly when I started checking up on 'Smart/Sly Russian', which I'll get into last.

Using the subs as a definitive script as I have here does come with one big caveat: they're not always perfect. Even if they contain no accidental errors, subtitles will often abbreviate slightly to save space, and I've noticed a few dropped words in a few places in the UNCLE subs already (see 'my friend' below for one example). So it's totally possible there are uses of a number of these that I haven't caught because they're missing from the subs. And you are, of course, completely free to go on using all or any of these in fic to your heart's content, regardless of what's actually said in canon. All that aside, here's what I found.

Details under the cut )
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I put the post over on Canteen, but thought I'd mention it here since there's caps in it too. Basically, it's going over all the specific points in the episode showing where the kidnapped inventor did NOT program the machine for which woman Napoleon would fall madly in love with and give secrets up for, but rather he programmed it to find which Thrush woman who would BETRAY Thrush for Napoleon and enable them to escape. (Which isn't what a lot of the fics write about, which is why I got curious enough to research.) And then a few nice caps with it.


And FYI - the emails with Jan regarding moving File 40 over to AO3 continue. Still hopeful. Still not quite there yet though. Working through the various questions and logistics.


Jul. 24th, 2015 09:43 pm
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I've just seen the trailer for the new movie. Please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks it looks absolutely awful.
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mini baner 400 photo 9e59719b-86c5-4907-a58a-22f43d8c2fa4_zps052a66ab.jpg

We've been planning a special story event for the MFU 50th Anniversary, something to showcase the talents of the fandom's wonderful writers and artists together, and give all of us a collection of fantastic new stories to enjoy. And here it is! We're pleased to announce the opening of the

MFU 50 Mini Bang ([livejournal.com profile] mfu50bang)

The Mini Bang is different from the challenges we've been used to, it's special because it's a collaborative effort between writers and artists. Writers sign up to write a story with a minimum word count of 5,000 words--there is no maximum :) Later in the process, artists claim a story based on an anonymous story summary and produce at least one piece of art to go with it. The art can be an illustration, a graphic, a manip, a vid, or... --we're open to any fanwork that will enhance the story.

The stories can be any genre, any rating. Artists will be able to choose their preferred genre as well.

You can get more details and instructions on how to sign up here.

So dust off that wip you've been meaning to finish, start on that story you've been wanting to tell, fire up the Photoshop--come join us at the MFU 50 Mini Bang!
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The wrap up post for the MFU 50 poll is up on [livejournal.com profile] network_command. You can find it here.

We need comments, advice and volunteers! Please come take a look and join in the discussion.
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Huge thanks to everyone for your comments and the great suggestions for how to celebrate the MFU 50th!
I've gathered the ideas together, and arranged them into ticky boxes--because who doesn't like ticky boxes :)

Three categories, and you can tick as many boxes as you like in each category.

And of course we won't be limited to these suggestions. The more 50th Anniversary activity the better! This is to find out how many people are interested and to get the ball rolling.

Some useful information before you tick. )

[Poll #1964096]

I'll leave the poll open for a week, tick away! If you'd like to comment, please do so here (Network Command)

eta: I have to edit in this great suggestion from [livejournal.com profile] vladeckk (Vicky Loebel): I'd personally like to see first-show cousing on twitter using the #ManFromUNCLE hash tag, which has pretty much been taken over by movie folks. Let's do it!
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Being lazy, I've been waiting for someone else to put up this post, but since they haven't... here we go, I'll start the discussion :)

The 50th Anniversary of the first MFU broadcast is less than six month from now, on September 22nd. We should celebrate!

Is there interest in one last big bash before the movie comes out and for better or worse, new canon and new actors change the landscape? We may be a small fandom nowadays, but there's 50 years of good will to draw on -- and maybe some old friends will want to come back to join us. After all guys, 50 years!! How many fandoms can say that?

Let's brainstorm.

Just to get the conversation started, I'll throw out some ideas below; everyone please, toss in more and even better suggestions--give your opinions -- bring your friends, anything goes :D

The Solid Gold Affair )

I've crossposted this to [livejournal.com profile] network_command where I've set the comments to be open to everyone, including non LJ members. It'll be easier to keep everything in one place, so please click here to comment
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Some peripheral comments in a discussion last week made me realize that we don't always seem to speak the same fannish language. In this case I'm wondering about the term "PWP". What does it mean to you?

I've heard two definitions: Plot, What Plot? and Porn Without Point. There may be more definitions. So I'm going to talk about what PWP means to me, and I hope others will chime in on what it means to them.

To my knowledge, the original acronym and definition, coined back in the mid 1980's, was Plot, What Plot. As I recall, it referred to stories that were basically explicit sex without any exterior action plot. It was not considered to be a negative term, just descriptive of story contents. This is the definition I absorbed.

I still think PWP is a neutral label. Depending on author skill, PWPs can be really good or really bad. They can be het or slash, IMO. They don't have to be romantic, but often are. They can be emotionally moving as well as erotically stirring. Or they can be boring mechanical descriptions of a sex act with interchangeable characters.

When a PWP is well-written, I think it's a high art form. Sex is unbelievably difficult to write well, so that the reader squirms for the right reasons, and not from embarrassment or laughter. I see good PWPs as using sex as a means into character insight. They may not have gun-totin' bad guys but they do have narrative structure where we learn about the characters, their relationship and why they're having sex. With a "good" PWP, there's an emotional as well as erotic payoff.

On the other hand, a badly-written PWP is embarrassing at best and offensive at worst. If there's only a mechanical description of sex, with no nod to characterization or emotion, it really can be porn without point.

So I'm curious – what is your take on PWPs? How do you define the term? Is it simply a genre, like any other? Can a het fic be a PWP, or only slash stories? Must a PWP always have sex, or can the definition be extended to exclude sex and simply mean a character study with no external plot?

edited to add: Here is a link to the fanlore community glossary, which defines a LOT of fannish acronyms and terms:
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 Hello!  I'm new to MFU fandom, having only discovered the joy of Napoleon and Illya about a month ago.  I am happily working my way through the slash but I'd like to watch more of the show too.

Here's the problem : I bought season 1 from iTunes for £20, that's OK, but the next three seasons are each about £55 and they're not available on Region 2 DVDs.  I don't want to pirate but on the plus side, I've heard that seasons 2, 3 and 4 aren't as good as 1 anyway.

How you can help (if you're willing) : Tell me which episodes I should buy.  I'd like to watch eps with great partnership moments and/or slashy goodness, and some sort of spy competence.  I mention the last because I watched "The Suburbia Affair" and, gosh, those were not the guys I had watched in the first season.

I'd also appreciate any recs for slash or gen fanfic, preferably stories with happy endings.

Thanks for your time and wisdom,
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I posted this a while ago on my journal but i wanted to ask muncle people in general....
So i have been active in this fandom only since about january so maybe im wrong, but, there have been a few challenges between then and now.....so my question is, why is there never an art compontent to the callenges like the various BigBangs?
I wanted to do some art for one challenge but was told i couldn't as there was no art component. I have seen great manips, wonderful icons, brilliant videos and lovely drawings so i know that there are a lot of very talented mfu people out there who like to dabble and im wondering why is it that that the art side is precluded?
Is it that it gets too complicated when the artwork is introduced or is it that there are far more writers than artists... just a general thought. Thanks muchly for reading :D
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So is titled a planned panel of discussion at MediaWest, but I thought it might be fun to discuss here. Do you have a preference between PWP and plot? Are you drawn to one over the other? Do you find something in MFU PWPs or plot-driven stories that you don't find in other fandoms? Let's talk stories!
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Hello, I was hoping I might get some assistance from the group. I have been involved in fanfic for a long time, and have dabbled in numerous fandoms that span several decades. I've also always been interested in the academic side of fanfiction. For some reason I find the intellectual study of the subject interesting, and I was wondering if everyone would mind helping me with a little research. (By the way, if this irritates anybody, I will delete immediately.) If it wouldn't trouble everyone too much, details are right here. )
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So I was watching Burn Notice tonight and I was struck with an idea.

First, for those who don't watch the show and aren't familiar with the term, a burn notice is an official statement issued by one intelligence agency to other agencies. It states that an individual or a group is an unreliable source of information. A "burned" agent is immediately cut off from their organization as soon as they are suspected. They're drugged and dumped in any particular city in the world. Their money is taken, their records erased (financial, work, everything), and suddenly they're absolutely nobody with no means to get work, have money, etc. They are, quite frankly, completely screwed.

Back to MFU -- UNCLE's modus operandi for all problem agent situations isn't known (double agents, growing distrust, etc.), but I believe there is certainly potential for UNCLE agent burn notices. We know UNCLE employs deprogramming, but it stands to reason that deprogramming is something that is deeply considered first, and won't be a solution to every problem. Enter the burn notice.

I had an MFU thought as I was watching Burn Notice tonight: what if Napoleon was living as we see him in Return because he'd been burned? He didn't seem like a stranger to the gambling tables, which at that point it might be his means of income. And maybe he was living at Aunt Amy's because he had no money, no collateral, and was basically in a post-burn situation. Burn notices also strictly forbid other agents in the agency from contacting the burned agent in any way, which would explain why Illya hadn't had contact with Napoleon in so many years, and why he tried not to be seen by Napoleon when they were both in the bar in Return.

Maybe the U.S./Russia ideal didn't pan out at all? Or maybe he was burned because of his relationship with Illya? (Egads, what if he had himself burned in order to get *out* of the relationship with Illya, for multitudes of wonderfully angsty reasons). Oh, the happy, slashy potential of it all.

Could burn notices exist in within UNCLE?

And who'd like to write this one? *g*

Btw, I highly recommend Burn Notice, both as a spy show and a character-driven show. Every episode is full of spy fodder as the protagonist spills cool spy tactics (how to enter a room, how to make contingency plans, how to get out of a room with very few exits, how to trick the bad guys into doing all sorts of things -- lots of fun). Great ideas just crying out to be written in UNCLE stories in every episode. Some are technology-based and too advanced for UNCLE, but there are some potential ideas for new UNCLE gadgets in there as well.
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Okay, maybe not your deep dark secrets *g*, but let's discuss: What are your bullet-proof weak spots in MFU fiction? Those things --be they situations, characterizations, sexual situations, anything-- that appeal to you so much that you'll try just about any story to see them?

Tell a little about what the appeal is for you, even if it's sometimes "I just can't explain it, but I love ____!"


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