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“He isn’t dead!” insisted Illya, frustrated.

Napoleon grasped Illya's fingertips. "Got you!"

Last minute rescue? Not this time.

“You’re jealous!”
Yes. Of her.

Napoleon kissed him...
... and Illya fled.

Napoleon’s secret: Section Eight invented Viagra!
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My friends; my horrendus submissions for the challange...I apologize for the lack of quality, but please be kind.

* Russian Cherub weds Charismatic American Cad

* Fingers race, bodies tremble, "Yes, Napoleon"

* Baby crying, clueless looks, 'What now?"

* Sweet kiss and sweeter embrace. Forever.

* Gunshot, Crimson, Tears, "Please don't die"

* Love or hate, an eternity together.

* Candles, aged faces, the dying embrace.

* Single rose, music swells, joyful tears
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For [ profile] irene_heron.

"I'm hungry."
"Of course you are."

"Who am I? Who are you?"

Illya saw the gun too late.

Napoleon's mouth moved closer and... oh.
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1. Grumpy old man behind a walther.

2. "Napoleon!" "Illya, you worry too much."

3. Napoleon never liked Waverly's office scheme.

4. Napoleon knows. Kisses applied. Illya's appeased.

5. Older means better? Napoleon is supreme.

6. With his lips, he held Illya.
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"Illya, I..."

"Yes, Napoleon?"

"Never mind."
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"Talk dirty to me -- in Russian."

"Your turn to pack the lube."

"Hang on, I'm coming.  Stay hidden."

"That a ferret in your pocket?"
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(Oh noes! I just keep writing!)

1. "Trust me." Illya does not hesitate.

2. Kindergarten: odd place for THRUSH satrapy.

3. Cursing Darwin, Illya, the fitter, survives.

4. Napoleon mourns disconsolately--another Armani, ruined!

5. Solo's kiss makes her forget Illya.

6. Illya's rescued, Waverly's orders be damned.

7. "But Napoleon, emerald chiffon flatters you..."
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"Breathing hurts."
"Do it for me."
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Napoleon kisses and tells; Illya doesn't. 
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Lovers... forever.
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Napoleon spotless. Illya shredded. Mission complete.

"Little Flower--!"
"Glupyj amerikanyets!"

Napoleon gets the blonde. Except one.

Illya shot. Napoleon shows no mercy.
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Spies, one American, one Russian. Forever.


Solo and Angelique: Kiss. Fuck. Uh-oh.


Mission (villain, innocent, captured, boom) accomplished.


Red wire or blue? Illya chooses.


U.N.C.L.E.! Love! Four seasons. Over... not.
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(6-word stories: Once started, can't stop!)

1. "Get down!" Illya screamed, too late.

2. Napoleon flirts. Illya watches, jealousy rising.

3. Illya laughs as the building explodes.

4. "I'm sure he's fine," Waverly repeated.

5. Illya can outswim piranhas. Who knew?

6. Napoleon speaks first. "Not him. Me."

7. Aspirin, vodka, bed, Napoleon. Illya's home.
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The latest theme challenge comes from [ profile] periwinkle27 herself:

I'm sure you know that Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn.") Wired Magazine asked other authors to do the same - here's the results:

I was thinking of suggesting it as a challenge for us.

So there you have it: The Six Word Challenge. Tell a story in just six words.

This challenge is open for two weeks.

Please post responses to the challenge directly to the community. You can create several and post them all at once if you prefer. If you post only as comments here, they're sure to be missed by many readers. Thanks!
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Five six-word stories.  One naughty, if you squint.  Mods, does this need an official-type fic header?

1. Innocent safe, Napoleon and Illya battered.

2. Angelique conquered: Napoleon saw and came.

3. Illya called, “Napoleon, behind you – water.”

4. Waverly proposes; Solo discloses, Kuryakin disposes.

5. “Next time, you’re outdoors,” said Illya.


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