Mar. 17th, 2017

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To introduce people to the concept of U.N.C.L.E. as an organisation, and THRUSH as their enemy, several paragraphs worth of explanation of both were included in some of the earliest promotional material, distributed back when The Man from UNCLE was still in production. I'd seen fragments of this text in the UNCLE files scans of an early promo booklet, and more in an old fanzine, but neither (even in combination) looked to be the full version. Like the three original character bios, those fragments contained a lot of information from the writers' guide about the world of UNCLE (such as the existence of the "Mask Club" as an entrance to UNCLE) which never did get used in the show, but which have long since made it into the collective fan history of the series, and been endlessly paraphrased in various wiki articles. Though the full text was unlikely to tell us much we didn't know already, I couldn't help but be curious.

As luck would have it, poking through old facebook posts I eventually found not one but two different versions of the text I was looking for – and a great deal of other interesting material with them.

pg1.jpg pg2.jpg pg3.jpg pg4.jpg pg5.jpg pg6.jpg
The Spy With My Face 1965 UK Pressbook

1964 Promotional Booklet

pg1.jpg pg2.jpg pg3.jpg
1966 Film Review article on One Spy Too Many

Details, and the full text of those UNCLE and THRUSH descriptions )

Some additional meta and commentary )
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