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Post-new LJ TOS,we ran into a small glitch when it came time to backup the LJ community known as muncle. The owner of the comm had created a placeholder community here on Dreamwidth (no content) but was the only admin here. A new community had to be created in order to import the 16 years worth of muncle content over, so now we're at [community profile] muncle211.

Come on in, pull up a chair, switch your Special over to the mercy setting and let's chat about all things UNCLE: the actors, the characters, vodka,the organization, the cold war and all sorts of related stuff. Don't forget we love all kinds of creative efforts like fic, manips, art and vids!

[community profile] muncle211 is primarily a slash community for both the TV series and the 2015 movie, but we're also open to gen and other pairings.
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