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And we are launched!

Welcome to the Man From UNCLE Bingo Season!

This is a low-key, inspirational challenge where themed prompts will be distributed as bingo cards. The general idea of a "bingo challenge" is to look over the list of prompts on a randomized bingo card and see if there are five in a row or column or diagonal that inspire you. Then create something based on each prompt in the line. When all five have been completed, then you've finished a "bingo". There are also other bingo patterns for more inspiration, explained under bingo types.

The Man From UNCLE bingo will be a mix of prompts from common themes and also specific ones for our fandom(s). We will be running for a full year, so if you're working on other challenges, you can finish those first. :) Inspiration all year round.

Our challenge covers both the TV series and the Movie version, and all are welcome to play! We have a livejournal, a tumblr, and an AO3 account, and we invite all manner of fandom to come and join us. If you like gen, slash, het, ot3, or whatever floats your boat, this sea accommodates it all. We are also all-inclusive as far as how your fandom is expressed. Write fic? Great! Do artwork? Awesome! Make music? Terrific! For fills on the prompts, we accept Story/Fanfic, Music Vid, Recommendations Set, Icons, Fannish Essay/Meta, Picspam, Art, Drawings, Manips, Layout, Music Mixes... all of those are perfectly valid and fun things to do or try.

You can get a card and read more about T/MFU Bingo, the rules, the themes, the bingo types, etc, at either our livejournal or tumblr.

And just to jump-start it, I wrote two stories for my own bingo cards. :) One MFU combo stamp, and one TMFU single fill (no bingo yet! working on it).
- MFU TV: One of These Times (angsty, presumed dead, gen with touchy-feely)
- TMFU Movie: Adjustments (team 3, mission fic, wounded first aid, gen)

Come join the fun! :)

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