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Since there aren't a lot of Spring/Summer events, and most of what there is is very specific to particular groups, I'm thinking of running an all-inclusive Man From Uncle Bingo Season.

Basically, I’ll set up an LJ and an AO3 collection and a tumblr to pass out bingo cards for MFU TMFU fandom fun. It’ll be one of my usual “you can post anything” to fill the squares, including fic, art, music, meta, etc. And fairly relaxed rules because it’s there to inspire people not make anybody feel worse for not getting something done. Cards will have my usual variations of tropes and cliches and fandom specific. (i.e., very similar to how I run the Clexmas Bingos, though I haven't done one for MFU before.)

(Clexmas example:  http://clexmas.livejournal.com/107625.html  )

Points I’m still debating, which you can weigh in on if you want. :)
- Timeframe: March through September, or a full year of March through March? (I’m leaning towards through Sept just because there are so many other challenge things happening Oct - Feb. I know I'll be busy, and I presume others will be as well.)
- I suck at doing banners for people who win bingos. Anybody want to help with this part? (I'll skip banners and points if nobody wants to do this and just make it inspiration only instead of reward driven.)
- Any other thoughts on it?


It's for inspiration across the board, so it's meant to be fun and inclusive, rather than displace anything else existing. I see a gap. I want to fill it. ^^
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